About Us

P.Gurumoorthy who hails from the family of renowned expert Vaithiyars is a B.Pharm Graduate. His past five generations have been practicing Siddha System of medicines.

P.Gurumoorthy is well trained in ancient system of manufacturing herbal medicines under Siddha System. This experience coupled with his qualification in Pharmacy (B.Pharm) gave him enough encouragement and enthusiasm to start manufacturing Herbal Medicine using modern sophisticated technology.



Mr.S.Muthulinga Vaithiyar, was a popular Vaithiyar who lived in hills/mountains like Siddhars and Yogis. He gave treatment for almost all sorts of diseases successfully. During his whole life he avoided Salt, Sweet and Karam.


This generation was of S.M. Subramania Vaithiyar S/o Mr.Muthulinga Vaithiyar. He used to travel on horse in remote places and gave treatment to patients for different types of mortal diseases. He also gave training/advice to other vaithiyars who follow the Siddha treatment.


Mr.S.M.S.Rathnavel Vaithiyar S/o. Mr.S.M.Subramania Vaithiyar started a Proprietorship firm in the name of S.M.Subramania & Co. for the manufacturing of several types of herbal medicines and supplied all over Tamilnadu, Malaysia, Penang, Singapore, Burma and Srilanka. He developed this treatment and converted it to a 50 bed Nursing home. The major diseases for which in-patient treatment was given in this nursing home were Asthma, T.B, Leprosy, Skin Diseases, Ulcer, Plies etc. He opened branch officers at various places like Erode, Madurai, Shevapet, Manamadurai and Chennai.

Mr.Rajaji, first Governor General of India, used to travel with Mr. Rathanavel Vaithyar in Vaithyar's car. He also gave free treatment to deserving patients


      Mr.R.Panchaksharam Vaithiyar S/o Mr.S.M.S.Rathnavel Vaithiyar following his fathers foot step practiced this method of traditional treatment and cured lots of patients. He then elaborately expanded this method of treatment by training nearly 150 peoples in Tamilnadu, whom are successfully practicing this method of treatment .


The valuable training acquired by P.Gurumoorthy from his father Mr.R.Panchaksharam Vaithiyar Provoked P.Gurumoorthy to start a factory for manufacturing herbal medicines under siddha System by adopting modern techniques of manufacturing. This gave birth to PeeGee Pharma as a modernized factory. He installed semi-fully automatic machineries in the factory. Thus the ancient system of manufacturing Herbal products is converted to  modern manufacturing process. P.Gurumoorthy takes at most care to see that this modern system of manufacturing of Herbal Siddha products does not affect the natural efficacy of the herbals.

P.Gurumoorthy has taken training from his father about herbal drugs formulation for all sorts of diseases and he formulated latest form of medicines like cream, shampoo, powder, concentrated oil, Jelly, Face Pack, Capsules etc. He is trained both in modern herbal medicines, cosmetics and allopathic medicines.

His tiresome efforts and burning desire paved the way to obtain good Manufacturer's Practices Certificated (GMP Certificate) from Director of Drugs Control of Tamilnadu.

PeeGee Pharma has employed experienced and sincere hardworking employees in their factory. P.Gurumoorthy takes personal care in each and every process of manufacturing and ensures strict quality control measures.


For manufacturing medicines herbals are used as raw materials under Siddha system of medicines. Hence availability of Garden Fresh herbals are to be ensured. For this reason sivadhapuram at Salem is selected as factory site which is nearer to famous hills Kolli Hills, Shevroy Hills, Kanjamalai, Arunoothu malai – the source of most of the herbs. There is enough Site for future expansion of factory. The capacity of factory can be tuned to any increase in the demand of products by the market.

Mr. Gurumoorthy also takes at most care to maintain the hygienic condition of the factory according to the G.M.P.standards.

Muthulinga  Vaithiyar SM.Subramania  Vaithiyar S.Rathanavel  Vaithiyar R.Panchacharam  Vaithiyar P.Gurumoorthy B.Pharm., M.B.A.,