Asthra Power Tonic And Asthra Capsules

Asthra Power Tonic and Asthra Capsules is a unique Herbal Sexual Enhancer from our PEE GEE Groups. We have researched over years considering the sociological and psychological factors which affect a normal sex life of a male. The results show casts that the most case results in sexual frustration due to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.

Our Asthra Power Tonic and Asthra Capsules have been formulated with a vast vision of eradicating these sexual dysfunctions. Our capsule is a unique combination of 64 Rare Indian Indigenous Herbs. It gives beautiful remedy for all types of sexual problems. It gets ride the erectile dysfunction almost to the core. It destroy premature ejaculation problem and raises the level of confidence between partners. Our natural course of medication results in a mind blowing multiple orgasms experience. By improving the sexual energy and stamina our products provides a greater support for a long lasting sexual life.

* Long Lasting SEXUAL Experience with long, bulging erections.

* Increased Sexual Energy with a clear physical & mental health.

* Eradicates premature ejaculation.

* Increased semen production.

* Increased Libido without any Side Effects.

* Mind Blowing Multiple orgasms Experience.

Dosage :

* Asthra Tonic : 5 Gm should be taken in the Morning & Night With Milk , After Food.

* Asthra Capsules :  2 capsules should be taken in the night With milk , After Food.

* Asthra Capsules : 1 Capsule in the morning and 2 Capsules at Night with Milk for Weaker Persons